Planet Eclipse EMEK Upgrades for Enhanced Performance

  • Updated August 19th, 2023

The Planet Eclipse EMEK has quickly become a favorite among paintball enthusiasts for its reliability, durability, and affordability. While the stock EMEK offers impressive performance out of the box, the potential for elevating its gameplay lies in the realm of upgrades. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Planet Eclipse EMEK upgrades, exploring the benefits of each enhancement and how they collectively transform your marker into a powerhouse on the field.

Planet Eclipse EMEK Upgrades


Why Upgrade Your Planet Eclipse EMEK?

Before we dive into the specifics of upgrades, let’s understand the significance of enhancing your EMEK. Upgrades are not just about boosting performance; they offer opportunities to fine-tune your marker to match your playing style and preferences. With the right upgrades, you can experience improved accuracy, enhanced ergonomics, increased efficiency, and a distinct visual appeal. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a dedicated tournament player, EMEK upgrades can be the key to unlocking your marker’s true potential.


1. Barrel Upgrades: Precision Refined

The EMEK’s stock barrel is functional, but upgrading to a higher-quality barrel can make a world of difference in accuracy and consistency.

  • Lapco BigShot Assault Barrel: This precision-engineered barrel is known for its exceptional accuracy and quiet operation. The porting design reduces noise and improves shot-to-shot consistency, giving you an edge on the field.
  • Freak XL Barrel System: Renowned for its versatility, the Freak XL barrel offers interchangeable inserts to match various paint sizes. This customization optimizes airflow, resulting in unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


2. Electronic Trigger Frames: Unleash Rapid Fire

While the EMEK comes with a mechanical trigger, upgrading to an electronic trigger frame introduces faster firing rates and improved trigger responsiveness.

  • PAL Compatible EMEK EMC Kit: This upgrade not only adds an electronic trigger but also enhances the aesthetics of your EMEK. The PAL loader compatibility ensures consistent feeding, even during rapid firing.
  • GOG eNMEy Frame Upgrade: Designed to fit the EMEK, this electronic trigger frame offers multiple firing modes, allowing you to adapt to various scenarios. The programmable settings enable you to fine-tune trigger sensitivity and rate of fire.


3. Hopper Upgrades: Feed Without Fail

The EMEK’s standard hopper is reliable, but upgrading to a higher-capacity and faster feeding hopper can prevent jams and enhance your firing experience.

  • Virtue Spire IR 2: This hopper offers a combination of reliability and speed. With a toolless design and anti-jam technology, it ensures uninterrupted feeding even in high-pressure situations.
  • Dye Rotor R2: Known for its consistent feed rate and large capacity, the Dye Rotor R2 is an ideal upgrade for players seeking rapid and reliable paintball delivery.


4. Air System Upgrades: Consistency in Every Shot

Optimizing your air system is essential for consistent performance. Upgrading your air tank and regulator can lead to improved efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ninja SL2 Carbon Fiber Tank: This lightweight tank offers a high air capacity, allowing for more shots per fill. Its adjustable regulator ensures consistent air pressure delivery for precise shots.
  • First Strike Hero 2 Tank: Featuring a built-in rotational fill nipple and an adjustable regulator, the Hero 2 tank offers both convenience and performance. Its consistent air output translates to reliable shooting in any situation.


5. Grip Frame Upgrades: Comfort and Control

Enhancing your grip frame can significantly impact your handling and control over the marker. Upgraded grips provide better ergonomics and aesthetics.

  • Exalt Universal Regulator Grip: This grip not only enhances the comfort of holding your EMEK but also provides a secure grip on the regulator, ensuring precise adjustments during gameplay.
  • Planet Eclipse HDE Grip Kit: Customize the look and feel of your EMEK with the HDE grip kit. It offers improved ergonomics and a textured surface for better handling in all conditions.


6. Bolt Upgrades: Efficiency Redefined

The EMEK’s stock bolt is efficient, but upgrading to a performance bolt can reduce kickback and improve air efficiency.

  • M170R Gamma Core Bolt: Designed by Planet Eclipse, the Gamma Core bolt system delivers improved efficiency, reduced recoil, and consistent airflow, resulting in better accuracy and efficiency.
  • Banzai V2 Bolt System: This bolt system offers lightweight construction and increased airflow, contributing to better consistency and accuracy with every shot.


7. Maintenance and Spare Parts: Prolonged Longevity

Maintaining your EMEK is crucial for its longevity. Investing in high-quality o-rings, seals, and spare parts ensures reliable performance over the long term.

  • Planet Eclipse EMEK O-Ring Kit: This comprehensive kit provides replacement o-rings and seals for critical components of your EMEK, preventing air leaks and maintaining consistent performance.
  • Bolt Replacement Kit: A collection of spare bolts and components can be a lifesaver in the middle of intense gameplay. Keep your marker running smoothly by having these essential spare parts on hand.


Final Thoughts

In the world of paintball, the pursuit of performance and customization is an ongoing endeavor. Upgrading your Planet Eclipse EMEK is more than just a way to boost accuracy and efficiency; it’s a statement of your commitment to the game and your desire to excel. With the right upgrades, you can take your EMEK from a reliable marker to a personalized masterpiece that reflects your playing style.

As you consider the array of upgrades available, remember that each choice you make should align with your goals and preferences. The journey of upgrading your EMEK is an exciting one, marked by experimentation, improvement, and the joy of witnessing the positive impact on your gameplay.