Empire Mini GS Upgrades

  • Updated August 31st, 2023

The Empire Mini GS paintball marker has earned a reputation for its compact design, reliability, and versatility. While the stock Mini GS offers impressive performance, the realm of upgrades presents an opportunity to take your gameplay to a new level. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Empire Mini GS upgrades, exploring the benefits of each enhancement and how they combine to transform your marker into a dominant force on the paintball field.

Empire Mini GS Upgrades


Empire Mini GS Upgrades

Before delving into the specifics of upgrades, it’s essential to understand the value of enhancing your Mini GS. Upgrades go beyond cosmetic changes; they allow you to tailor your marker to your playing style and preferences. With the right upgrades, you can experience improved accuracy, increased efficiency, enhanced ergonomics, and a unique visual appeal. Whether you’re a casual player looking for consistency or a competitive athlete striving for excellence, Empire Mini GS upgrades can elevate your gameplay experience.


1. Barrel Upgrades: 

Enhancing your Mini GS’s accuracy begins with upgrading the barrel. While the stock barrel performs well, upgrading to a high-performance barrel can take your accuracy to the next level.

  • Lapco BigShot Assault Barrel: Engineered for accuracy and sound reduction, this barrel’s porting design ensures quieter shots and consistent performance.
  • Dye Ultralite Barrel: Renowned for its craftsmanship, the Dye Ultralite barrel offers exceptional accuracy and reduced barrel rise, contributing to improved shot consistency.


2. Electronic Trigger Frames: 

Upgrade from a mechanical trigger to an electronic trigger frame for rapid firing capabilities and heightened trigger responsiveness.

  • Empire Mini GS Redline OLED Board: Elevate your firing modes and responsiveness with the Redline OLED board upgrade. Experience adjustable firing settings and unleash rapid fire bursts for a tactical advantage.
  • Virtue VIO Board: Experience enhanced firing modes and customizable settings with the Virtue VIO board, offering versatility and responsiveness on the field.


3. Hopper Upgrades: 

Enhancing your Mini GS’s feeding system is essential for consistent gameplay. Upgrading to a higher-capacity and faster feeding hopper can keep up with rapid firing.

  • Virtue Spire III Hopper: Engineered for durability and rapid feeding, the Spire III ensures consistent feeding and eliminates potential jams, keeping you in the game.
  • Empire Halo Too Hopper: Upgrade to the Halo Too for reliable and fast feeding, making it an ideal choice for players who demand a consistent stream of paintballs.


4. Air System Upgrades: 

Optimizing your air system is crucial for maintaining consistent marker performance. Upgrading your air tank and regulator can lead to improved efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ninja SL2 Carbon Fiber Tank: Lightweight and efficient, the SL2 tank features an adjustable regulator for consistent air pressure, resulting in precise shots with every trigger pull.
  • Empire Mini GS Inline Regulator: Upgrade your Mini GS’s regulator for improved air delivery and consistent performance, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.


5. Grips and Ergonomics Upgrades: 

Upgrade the grips and other components that directly interact with the player to enhance ergonomics and comfort during gameplay.

  • Exalt Regulator Grip: Elevate your marker’s grip and control with this upgrade. The Exalt Regulator Grip offers comfort and stability, even during intense gameplay.
  • Empire Mini GS Grip Frame Cover: Enhance your marker’s ergonomics and aesthetics with this grip frame cover, providing improved grip and comfort during extended play.


6. Optics and Sights Upgrades: 

Upgrade your sights and optics to improve target acquisition and accuracy during gameplay.

  • Vortex Strikefire II Red Dot Sight: Enhance your aiming capabilities with a red dot sight featuring multiple brightness settings for quick and accurate target acquisition.
  • Empire Mini GS Apex Barrel: Upgrade to the Apex barrel for customizable shot trajectory, allowing you to hit targets with precision even in challenging scenarios.


7. Maintenance and Spare Parts: 

Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity of your Mini GS marker. Investing in high-quality spare parts ensures consistent performance over time.

  • Empire Mini GS Parts Kit: This comprehensive kit provides replacement parts and o-rings for critical components, preventing air leaks and maintaining peak performance.
  • Marker Maintenance Toolkit: Equipped with essential tools like Allen wrenches, lubricants, and spare parts, you can easily address issues and keep your Mini GS performing at its best.


Final Thoughts

In the dynamic world of paintball, the pursuit of excellence is a continuous endeavor. Upgrading your Empire Mini GS is not just about boosting performance—it’s about crafting a marker that mirrors your commitment to the game. Each upgrade represents a step towards personalization and mastery, contributing to your unique playing style.

As you navigate the array of upgrades available for your Mini GS, remember that each choice should align with your goals and preferences. Conduct thorough research, seek advice from experienced players, and ensure compatibility between components. The journey of upgrading is marked by experimentation, growth, and the satisfaction of witnessing your marker’s enhanced performance.