Empire Axe 2.0 Upgrades for Unmatched Performance

  • Updated August 19th, 2023

The Empire Axe 2.0 has solidified its place as a staple in the paintball community, revered for its reliability, accuracy, and sleek design. While the stock Axe 2.0 is already a formidable marker, the realm of upgrades offers an avenue to elevate its performance to extraordinary heights. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Empire Axe 2.0 upgrades, exploring the benefits of each enhancement and how they collectively transform your marker into a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Empire Axe 2.0 Upgrades


Upgrading Your Empire Axe 2.0

Before diving into the specifics of upgrades, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of enhancing your Axe 2.0. Upgrades aren’t just about incremental improvements; they provide a means to tailor your marker to your playstyle and preferences. With the right upgrades, you can experience enhanced accuracy, increased efficiency, improved ergonomics, and a distinct visual flair. Whether you’re a casual player seeking consistency or a competitive athlete striving for excellence, Empire Axe 2.0 upgrades can unleash the full potential of your marker.


1. Barrel Upgrades: Precision Perfected

While the stock barrel of the Axe 2.0 is impressive, upgrading to a high-performance barrel can take your accuracy and shot consistency to an entirely new level.

  • Lapco BigShot Assault Barrel: This precision-engineered barrel offers exceptional accuracy and reduced noise. Its porting design improves shot-to-shot consistency, giving you a tactical edge on the field.
  • Empire Sniper Barrel Kit: Known for its versatility, this kit provides a variety of bore sizes to match your paint, optimizing airflow and accuracy for various playing conditions.


2. Electronic Trigger Frames: Unleash Rapid Fire

Upgrade from a mechanical trigger to an electronic trigger frame for rapid-fire capabilities and enhanced trigger responsiveness.

  • Empire Redline OLED Board: This advanced upgrade features an OLED screen for easy access to firing modes and settings. The Redline OLED board offers superior functionality and customization.
  • Dye NT10/11/DM12/13 UL Board: Designed for compatibility with the Axe 2.0, this electronic trigger frame offers a range of firing modes and adjustable settings for a personalized shooting experience.


3. Hopper Upgrades: Feed Without Fail

While the stock hopper on the Axe 2.0 is dependable, upgrading to a higher-capacity and faster feeding hopper can prevent jams and enhance your gameplay.

  • Virtue Spire IV: Engineered for durability and toolless assembly, the Spire IV ensures consistent feeding and eliminates potential jams, allowing you to focus on the action.
  • Empire Halo Too: This hopper offers a large capacity and reliable feeding, making it a cost-effective upgrade for players seeking an edge in high-intensity scenarios.


4. Air System Upgrades: Consistency and Efficiency

Optimizing your air system is essential for consistent performance. Upgrading your air tank and regulator can lead to improved efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ninja SL2 Carbon Fiber Tank: Lightweight and efficient, the SL2 tank features an adjustable regulator for consistent air pressure, translating to precise shots with every trigger pull.
  • Empire Carbon Fiber HPA Tank: This high-quality tank offers reliable air delivery and lightweight construction, ensuring consistent performance throughout your matches.


5. Grip Frame Upgrades: Comfort and Control

Enhance your marker’s handling and control by upgrading the grip frame. Upgraded grips provide better ergonomics and a personalized touch.

  • Empire Axe Pro Grips: These grips offer improved comfort and grip, enhancing your control over the marker. The Axe Pro grips also add a touch of personalization to your Axe 2.0.
  • Exalt Grip Skin: Enhance your grip and comfort with this simple yet effective upgrade. The grip skin prevents slips and helps you maintain control during intense gameplay.


6. Bolt Upgrades: Performance Redefined

While the stock bolt of the Axe 2.0 is efficient, upgrading to a performance bolt can reduce kickback and improve air efficiency.

  • Lurker Eigenbolt: This upgrade offers a lighter bolt design and improved airflow, resulting in reduced recoil and enhanced efficiency for better shot consistency.
  • TechT L7 Bolt: Precision-engineered for performance, the L7 bolt optimizes airflow and reduces friction, leading to improved efficiency, consistency, and accuracy.


7. Maintenance and Spare Parts: Prolonged Longevity

Proper maintenance is essential for your Axe 2.0’s longevity. Investing in high-quality o-rings, seals, and spare parts ensures consistent performance over time.

  • Empire Axe 2.0 O-Ring Kit: This comprehensive kit provides replacement o-rings and seals for critical components, preventing air leaks and maintaining peak performance.
  • Marker Maintenance Toolkit: Equipping yourself with essential tools like Allen wrenches, oil, and spare parts can save the day during unexpected issues and keep your marker performing at its best.


Final Thoughts

In the world of paintball, the pursuit of excellence is a constant endeavor. Upgrading your Empire Axe 2.0 is not merely about improving performance—it’s about creating a marker that mirrors your commitment to the game. Each upgrade is a step toward achieving mastery and enhancing your unique playing style.

As you navigate the range of upgrades available for your Axe 2.0, remember that each choice should align with your goals and preferences. Conduct thorough research, seek advice from experienced players, and ensure compatibility between components. The journey of upgrading is an exciting one, marked by experimentation, growth, and the satisfaction of witnessing your marker’s elevated performance.